Our champion product is maximus

Maximus works for all ages and all breeds. Its perfect for dogs who are:

  • Underweight
  • Need to recover from illness
  • Need strength for physique
  • Need energy for performance
  • Require additional nutrition for health
  • Require additional nutrition for vitality
  • Want to be in peak condition, internally and externally

ProDog Nutrition offer a range of elite supplements that have been formulated by experts and proven by results to ensure that they contain everything your dog needs covering the full nutritional spectrum. Each supplement is expertly designed to fulfil a different function from promoting lean muscle growth to preventing and easing stiff joints.

ProDog provide a range of supplements; Maximus, Muscle+, Flexx and Revive. Each one containing human grade, organic ingredients that deliver different yet specific benefits. To decide which is best, first consider what you are looking to achieve for your dog. You can contact our specialist team at info@prodognutrition.com if you need any help.

Yes puppies need vitamins and minerals as they grow to ensure healthy development. All ProDog Nutrition supplements are safe for puppies aged 6 months or older.

The premium grade, all natural and organic ingredients in Flexx can help to maintain joint structure and function promoting mobility and flexibility. There are anti inflammatory properties to aid prevent osteoarthritis. Flexx also helps boost the immune system and is rich in fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 to optimise coat and skin condition.

In the first instance ensure that the dog is getting enough quality food in their diet – following a feeding guide is advisable. In addition to this ProDog supplements will ensure that the full nutritional spectrum is being attained and that sufficient high grade (non dairy) protein is being absorbed. This will ensure your dog is getting all of the nutrients they need to not only build lean muscle but avoid fat and reach maximum health.

If you want to build lean muscle then we recommend either Maximus or Muscle+ . Maximus helps to increase lean muscle mass and definition plus conditioning. ProDog Muscle+ provides all 10 specific amino acids which will promote rapid muscle growth and strength. Muscle ± has over 76% organic protein per serving. More than any other on the market.